Ultimate Guide to Living Room Conditioning in the Apocalypse

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Listen, no one said it doesn’t suck to be stuck at home all day while Corona wreaks havoc on society.  But that’s no excuse to get fat and out of shape.

Here before you is all you need to know to stay in peak physical condition until gyms are ready to reopen.  All you need is your body, your living room and set of index cards. 

As always, any questions you have you can leave in the comments below.


Pick your poison

Below are 9 different    “Training  Formulas”    and 35  “Stationary Drills” The Training Formulas each target a different metabolic pathway. The Stationary Drills are  broken up into Jiu-Jitsu Specific Movement Drills (JJSMD), Upper Body, Lower Body and Core Stability. Use the JJSMD to improve the quality of your movement for Jiu Jitsu. Use the Upper, Lower,   and any  JJSMD labeled “(Core)” or “(Cardio)” for use in the Training Formulas. 

I recommend writing each exercise down on a flash card and labeling the category on top so that you can mix and match easily.

Training Formulas

Power Three:  Pick three exercises from the list: one cardio, one lower body, one upper body and do the prescribed amount of reps in each exercise in any order as fast as you can. Mark down your time.

Amateur: 50 | Intermediate: 75 | Pro: 125 

Power Four: Pick four exercises from the list: one cardio, one core stability, one upper and one lower. Do the prescribed amount of reps in each exercise in any order as fast as you can. Mark down your time. 

Amateur: 25  | Intermediate: 50 | Pro: 100

Pyramid: Pick three exercises from the list; one movement development or cardio, one lower body, one upper body.  Perform five super sets; each set containing each exercise. Go from one exercise to the next in each set as quickly as possible performing the prescribed amount of reps for each exercise, and then rest 60 seconds in between each set.


*Power Pairs

1. Pick two upper body, two lower body and two cardio exercises

2. Make two groups that contain one of each

3. Starting with group 1, perform the lower body then the upper body for the reps prescribed and repeat for 2 sets. Then perform the cardio/movement exercise for 20 seconds. 

4. Repeat Step 3 for group 2. This is 1    round.

5. Rest and perform the number of rounds prescribed.



1. Pick any four cards (excluding  core stability   or non-core Jiu-Jitsu specific movement)

2. Set a countdown and repeat timer (Am – 30 sec | Pro – 45 sec)

3. Start the timer and perform each exercise until the timer beeps, then immediately move on to the next exercise until all four exercises are complete. This is 1  round.

4. Rest and repeat with the same or new set of exercises.


*Ultimate MMA

  1. Pick 3 cardio, 2 upper, 2 lower, 2 core (Excluding static)
  2. Make three groups (A, B & C), each containing 1 cardio and 2 other cards (E1/E2 below) from different categories
  3. Perform two sets in each of the three groups as follows. This is 1 round
    1. Cardio x 20 sec
    2. E1 = 6 reps (am) or 8 reps (pro)
    3. E2 = 6 reps (am) or 8 reps (pro)
  4. Rest and perform the number of rounds as prescribed

*Finish Strong

  1. Pick 3 cardio, 2 upper, 2 lower, 2 core (Excluding static)
  2. Make three groups (A, B & C) in the below order
    • Cardio, Upper, Lower
    • Cardio, Core, Upper
    • Cardio Core, Lower
  1.   Perform 2 sets in Group A and then 2 sets in group B as follows 
  1. Cardio x 20 sec
    • A1 x 6 reps (am) or 8 reps (pro)
    • A2 x 6 reps (am) or 8 reps (pro)
  1. Perform Group C as follows: 
  • Cardio x 20 reps (Am) or 24 reps (pro) – 1 set only
  • Core x 20 reps (Am) or 24 reps (pro) – 1 set only
  • Lower x 12 reps (am) or 24 reps (Pro)
  1. A+B+C = 1 round. Rest after each round and perform the number of rounds as prescribed

Gotch Bible (Amatuer):   Get a deck of cards.  Pick four upper body workouts (black cards) and four lower body workouts (red cards) and assign one workout to each suit.  Go through the deck doing each workout based on the amount of reps indicated by the number on the cards (Face = 10 reps)

Gotch Bible (Pro):   same as Amatuer, but Diamonds/Clubs = double the reps indicated by the number on the card (Face = 10 reps)

Stationary Drills

Jiu Jitsu Specific Movement

Upper Body

Lower Body

Core Stability

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Astrid Vargas
14:01 28 Jun 24
The JiuJitsu Mill is fantastic! The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and patient. This creates a supportive environment for all skill levels. I've seen great improvement in my skills and confidence since joining. I highly recommend!read more
16:40 11 May 24
Absolutely fantastic gym. Instruction is world class. The coaches have deep expertise and are engaged in your goals and success. Personalized plans and feedback. The cultures is fantastic the group cares about group safety, respect, and improvement.read more
AJ Bakunas
22:31 09 May 24
The quality of teaching here is amazing and the team/family mentality makes it even more enjoyable. The training is fun and everyone always wants to make you better. If you want to learn great jiujitsu and want to enjoy doing it. I would recommend coming here.read more
Dayanara Zepeda
12:40 29 Apr 24
The experience at The Jiu Jitsu Mill is satisfied! I love the training, exercise,coach experience. The total environment is wonderful! It really makes me happy went I'm in the place sparring. I recommend 100% if you like to clean your mind and have a great fun! I also bring whit me at The Jiu Jitsu Mill my fourteen years old girl,for me is a way to connect whit my girl and also disconnected her from electronics.💪👍👊 THANK YOU COACH JORDAN WE LOVE YOU!!!😘read more
Michael Rosenthal
12:06 17 Mar 24
Very impressed with the coaches and overall experience at Jiu Jitsu Mill. My turning 6 year-old son has been attending for a little over 6 months and we've seen a ton of improvement in his skills and physical coordination. The coaches are professional and effective at engaging large groups of younger children, which is no easy feat. My son never complains about going (a first for him) and is very proud of his hard-earned stickers and ribbons! 5 stars!read more
Thomas Kampfrath
14:11 19 Feb 24
After several years of break, I started hitting the mats again and picked the Jiu Jitsu Mill as my gym. The coaches are approachable, welcoming and leading fun and enjoyable classes. All my interactions with the other students are friendly and helpful in getting me back up to speed. I appreciate the many classes that are available to me, especially the morning classes which work well for my schedule. I've been to many different gyms and can absolutely recommend The Jiu Jitsu Mill to others.read more
Justin Verghese
00:08 31 Dec 23
Came through while visiting family and had a chance to participate in the open mats. Clean, professional, academy with great culture, camaraderie, learning environment, and some top notch coaches/practitioners. Got some great work in with great people. Will definitely stop by again if/when in the area. Highly recommend!read more
AJ Connell
22:38 27 Nov 23
Dropped in for a couple classes while visiting family nearby over Thanksgiving. Everyone was incredibly welcoming and nice. Coach Jordan gives great instruction and genuinely cares about all his students.read more
Vinicius Franchin
17:45 29 Oct 23
Have always wanted to learn BJJ and ended up choosing this school off of a friends recommendation. Coach Jordan coach Jaime are both very good a what they do and are always willing to help. The people that train here are kind and there is a real sense of a community. Would highly recommend.read more
Gabriel Kaplan
21:52 19 Oct 23
My son has been attending The Jiu Jitsu Mill for roughly 6 months and we're really happy with it. From day one, Coach Jordan and the team were super welcoming. They're skilled and really good with kids. My soon-to-be 5-year-old grows more confident after every session. This place teaches discipline, helps kids tackle challenges, and ensures they have fun while learning so much.read more
Myriam Lucía Merchán Bonilla
12:08 09 Oct 23
I took my child who loves tumbling around and quite frankly I couldn't keep up. I thought it would be a good way for him to release energy while learning. It turns out the program goes beyond the discipline. The coaches ensure the kids are also building the skills to thrive as individuals and in becoming good human beings. They reward good behavior, their commitment but also their consideration for others. Most importantly they show kids how to be the best version they can be without worrying about others. I'm a huge fan of their method and strongly recommend any parent to consider them as a first option for their kids.read more
Zak Romanoff
22:07 03 Oct 23
I first noticed the Jiu Jitsu Mill driving by on the street one day. Curious to see, I brought my 5 year old son in one day to watch. We have been here for almost 6 months now, and here’s what I can tell you about The Mill. My son is quicker to defend himself from bullies at school and other sports. As parents, there are moments where we simply cannot protect our children from everything. Bullying is one of things. I have noticed my son standing up for himself more and using some of the moves learned at the mill to defend himself from overly aggressive kids at some of his other sports activities. My son is learning jiu jitsu. He knows names, terms, and practices at home. He is proud of himself- his self-confidence is growing- and shares his accomplishments with family and friends. I am proud of him. Jordan and his coaches know the names, skill level, and level of attention given by every kid in the group in each session. They are attentive. They clearly explain what is being worked on at the days class and how to do it. They watch, encourage, and support the kids. They aren’t too soft- and they aren’t too hard. They use just the right amount of discipline, cooperation, patience, and more. They are teaching kids that rewards are earned and not given. Some days are awesome, and some days are hard. They are learning competitiveness, sportsmanship, and how to overcome challenges. The wall of virtues is a terrific way to show the kids their hard work is being acknowledged and rewarded. The key to seeing success in the program is to consistently come to sessions. I lead individuals professionally and constantly look for ways to encourage more strong leadership , I recommend the Millread more
Emil Paolucci
14:52 26 Jun 23
The Jujitsu Mill is a first class experience,coach Jordan, Jamie, Nick, Elijah, and the entire team are extremely talented, knowledgeable and willing to help you grow as a student. Being a marine, I look for a place to push me, teach me and hold me accountable to be the best I can. The Jujitsu Mill does just that! I’m so grateful to be part of this family and so looking forward to be part of the jujitsu mills team for years to come. If you’re looking for jujitsu experience, I highly recommend the Jujitsu Mill.read more