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In 1915 Mitsuyo Maeda, a Japanese native and student of Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo, traveled from Japan to Brazil and eventually agreed to become the instructor to Carlos Gracie Sr and his brother Helio. Helio, a small man, in conjunction with his brothers,
would ultimately be instrumental in spreading throughout the world what they learned from Maeda and referred to as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a highly technical form of hand to hand combat that utilizes positional strategy over punches and kicks to advance one’s positional leverage relative to their opponent in order to ultimately force the opponent to admit defeat via choke or joint lock.

The sport today at its highest level has evolved into a aggregate of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Catch Wrestling, Freestyle Wrestling and Sambo. The Jiu Jitsu Mill embraces this evolution, looking always to adapt, modify, and use our individual creativity to ensure our progress is never stifled by the limitations of any one particular style.

Our Core Focus

“To provide UNMATCHED individual dedication, motivation and quality of instruction to facilitate our students full potential on and off the mat”

Our History – Vision

In September 2015, Owner and head BJJ Coach Jordan Samuel Lutsky opened The Jiu Jitsu Mill with the mission to inspire and facilitate the full potential of anyone willing to step on the mat. With roughly 11 years’ experience training and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the time, Coach Jordan understood the unique power BJJ has to change the way people see the world, approach problems, deal with stress, achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. He saw firsthand the power BJJ has to make each and every person a better version of themselves, on and off the mat, and decided to open the Jiu Jitsu Mill as the home base from where he could make this vision a reality.

Our History – BJJ

TheJiuJitsuMill owner and head BJJ coach, Professor Jordan Samuel Lutsky began his training in 2006 while a senior at the University of Vermont out of a gritty inter mural club taught by a then Roberto Maia brown belt, Chris Owen.

Upon returning home in 2008 as a blue belt, Jordan obtained a full time day job and continued his training in the evenings under Jomari “Jojo” Guarin, founding owner of team ECUBJJ and black belt under UFC and ADCC veteran Sean Alvarez of the Gracie Barra lineage under Nelson Monteiro. It was under JoJo that Jordan would eventually be promoted from the ranks of blue to black belt (3/28/2015) and to who Jordan owes tremendous credit for his development.

In 2013, due to logistical changes, Jordan, under the auspices of Jojo, began training an increasing amount with team Soul Fighters co-founder Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa. In December, 2015 Jordan was invited by Formiga to represent team Soul Fighters. With JoJo’s blessing, Jordan accepted. Today Jordan continues his training with and under Formiga as an integral member and active competitor of team Soul Fighters.

Not having quit his full time day job until the age of 30 to open his academy, Coach Jordan regrets never having had the ability to train full time as an adult competitor, but takes great pride in his dedication to his students, his passion for the sport, his unique ability to efficiently and effectively communicate the principles and techniques of Jiu Jitsu to anyone, as well as his continued success in the competition circuit at the Master 1 level (IBJJF).

Silver – IBJJF San Francisco Open – February 2018

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Bronze– Grappling Industries – March 2018

Adult No Gi Super Absolute

Silver – IBJJF Washington DC Open No Gi – April 2018

Black Belt, Master 1, Heavy

Bronze – IBJJF Boston Summer Open – July 2018

Black Belt, Master 1, Absolute

Gold- IBJJF Boston Summer Open – July 2018

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Adult, No Gi Super Absolute

Winner by unanimous decision

Fight 2 Win 83 – No Gi, Black Belt Super-fight – Aug. 2016

Coach Jordan’s Recent Competitive Achievements

Gold – IBJJF Boston Summer Open – July 2016

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Gold – IBJJF BJJ Pro – November 2016

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Bronze – IBJJF Atlanta Open – February 2017

Black Belt, Adult, Medium Heavy

Gold – UAEJJF New York International Pro – February 2017

Black Belt, Master 1, 94kg

Silver – IBJJF New York Spring Open – April 2017

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Gold – Tap Cancer Out Spring 2017 – April 2017

Black Belt, Adult, Light Heavy

Super Fight – Fight2WinPro40 – July 2017

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Bronze – IBJJF NY Summer Open – July 2017

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Silver – IBJJF Boston Summer Open – July 2017

Black Belt, Master 1, Medium Heavy

Gold – Grappling Industries – January 2018

Adult, Advanced No Gi – Under 210 lbs

GOLD – IBJJF Washington DC Open No Gi – April 2018

Black Belt, Master 1, ABSOLUTE

GOLD – IBJJF New York Spring Open No Gi – April 2018

Black Belt, Master 1, Heavy

Gold – Grappling Industries – May 2018

Adult, No Gi Super Absolute

Our History – Thai

Carlos Nunez was born in the town of Macas Ecuador in 1983. At the age of 11, he Immigrated to Port Chester, NY. At 24 Carlos was taken as a student of Viwat Sakulrat, whose tutelage he trained under for the next year and to who Carlos credits the majority of his technical development.

In 2009 Carlos obtained a job teaching children kickboxing at C3 in Stamford. There he remained, training and teaching for three years until traveling to Thailand for the first time. He would train for the following three months at Sinbi in Phuket, winning his first fight at a local Thai stadium. After returning home, Carlos spent the better part of three years fighting on the local circuit, racking up 20 fights on his own, but never under the instruction of a dedicated coach.

In 2012, Carlos trained with Coban Lockchaomaesaitong for about one year until he was offered a job to replace Viwat (above), who was leaving for Thailand, as the head Thai Coach at UFC Stamford and Mamaroneck. Overwhelmed and unable to train himself, Carlos would, in 2015, leave to form his own team out of a space he would sub-let at Champs boxing in New Rochelle.

Recalling Carlos back in 2015 as the coach to many fighters at a cage ticket where Coach Jordan was fighting, Coach Jordan reached out to Carlos in August 2016 and asked Carlos if he would be the director of the Thai program at The Jiu Jitsu Mill. Eager to inspire and help his local community, Carlos accepted. In June of 2017, while employed at theJiuJitsuMill, Carlos went back to Thailand and reunited with his original coach, Viwat, under who he trained, fought, and won, before returning to The Jiu-Jitsu mill a month later.

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