$20 Trial Details

For adults (13+), your $20 trial worth $135 includes a one-on-one, thirty minute introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), followed by one BJJ class (Gi or No Gi), and one Muay Thai or Fitness Kickboxing class.
Intro to BJJ must be taken before the BJJ class, and all three must be taken within a period of 3 business days* following the intro or kickboxing class, whichever is taken first.

For Kids Martial Arts, your $20 trial worth $60 includes two classes to be taken within a four business day* period.

For Personal Training, your $20 trial worth $50 includes one, 30 minute private training session with yourself or up to three other friends.

All $20 trials must be scheduled in advance.

*Business days are Mon-Friday for adult BJJ, Mon-Sat for adult Muay Thai or Fitness Kickboxing, and Mon-Thurs + Sat for Kids Martial Arts.

Amped to see you on the mats!

-Coach Jordan Samuel Lutsky


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